Medical Cannabis Infusions
Hand crafted with love for the memory of those we love...
The team at Pop’s Potions strongly believe in the medical benefits of Cannabis Oil. To us this is a legacy for Jim and the love he brought to the world. More than a company, we are on a mission to help improve patients ailments and give back to those who deserve it. We are on the look out for deserving charities, veterans and people suffering from medical ailments. This is not just a company this is our heart and soul. 
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Mini Treats
Pop's Potions is always making new and exciting treats for all of you to try! Keep on the look out in this space for featured products! Got ideas for future products you want to see? Message us and let us know! 
Pop's Potions was founded in memory of a loving husband and father who passed away from cancer steming from Agent Orange poisoning while serving his country overseas. We have a strong passion for helping our veterans and all those who suffer from illness.
Chronic Funk is our own rocked and rolled gummy candies. Specialty made for when you are in the mood for smaller portions! Ask your local dispensary if they carry Chronic Funk and let yourself get a little funky.